UCHS PTSA Club Grant Program

The PTSA is pleased to be able to award grants to school clubs that need funding.  Please review the following guidelines and then print out and complete the attached Grant Application 20172018 

UCHS PTSA Club Grant Program Guidelines

Purpose of the Club Grant Program:

The University City High School PTSA Club Grant Program aims to support eligible student clubs by funding events or supplies when other funding is not available.  Grants are awarded to clubs that can demonstrate that their use of funds will:

1) Benefit UCHS students

2) Benefit as many students as possible.

UCHS PTSA will award club grants twice a year, if such funds are available, to promote the wellness and success of UCHS students.  Providing grants to student clubs is in alignment with the purposes of this Association, pursuant to UCHS PTSA Bylaws, Article 2; Purposes, Section 1.

Who can apply for a Club Grant?

You may apply if you are a UCHS club advisor or a student club officer.

Priority will be given to requests for:

  • Supplies, materials, uniforms (for example, to be worn to competitions or conferences or during community service) and equipment
  • Support for a school program, if led by a school club (e.g. MADD assembly, distracted driving presentation, Yellow Ribbon Week)
  • Competition fees
  • Coaching/Expert fees (e.g. fees for a private dance instructor brought in on a “one time” basis to coach or mentor the dance team before a competition)
  • Specialized class or conference fees, if applicants can demonstrate that sending a few members will ultimately benefit a larger group of students or enhance the reputation of UCHS students

Additional Details of the Grant Program:

  • The PTSA will include a line item in the budget at the beginning of the year for the total amount that will be available for grants. Applications will be due October 20, 2017 and February 16, 2018.
  • The PTSA will award grants to officially recognized, student-led, advised (advisor-supervised) clubs at UCHS.
  • The Grant Committee will meet and review all grant requests and decide which to fund within 30 days of the closing of each application period. Award recipients will be notified immediately after the 30 days.
  • The Grant Committee members will recuse themselves from reviewing a grant if their own student is applying.
  • The decision to approve a grant will be by majority vote.

The maximum allowable amount per grant this academic year is $150.  At the beginning of each school year, the maximum amount and number of grants will be determined based on the budget amount allocated.

  • There will be a maximum of 20 grants awarded per academic year.
  • Grant funds must be used for purposes specified in the grant application.
  • Grant recipients must provide receipts to verify purchases. A written report must be provided within 60 days of receiving grant funds to show how the money was spent and discuss how the project went.  Reports are also required in order for clubs to be eligible for future grants in subsequent years.  Attendance at a PTSA meeting to present the report is welcomed but optional.  These reports are crucial to the success of the grant program as they will help the PTSA make funding decisions for future grants.
  • Sustainable items purchased with grant funds will become the property of UCHS (i.e. equipment, instructional materials, etc.) to benefit future club members.
  • A club may receive one grant per school year.
  • Applications from clubs already scheduled to receive funds from the PTSA for any other projects will not be accepted.

How to Apply for a Club Grant:

  • Complete the application and submit it prior to the deadline. Application deadlines are final.  Late submissions will be considered during the next application period.
  • Calculate expenditures carefully. The PTSA will not fund expenses over the amount requested.
  • Grant applications must be signed by the
  • 1) Club Advisor
  • 2) Student Officer
  • 3) Financial Clerk
  • Completed applications may be left in the school’s PTSA mailbox, or scanned and emailed to
  • Applicants are welcome to come to a monthly PTSA meeting to present their ideas. Please contact in advance and request to be put on the Agenda
  • For more information about the UCHS PTSA Club Grant Program, please contact:

Disclaimer:  The UCHS PTSA is not liable for any loss, damage or injury that may result from the use of grant funds by student clubs.  The grant awardee agrees to hold the UCHS PTSA harmless from any and all claims for liability arising out of said use of funds.

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